Binary Today and Binary Options Brokers

Brokers do not charge trading commissions. This may intrigue you then how these binary today brokers make money. A key method to make money by brokers is through percentages on payouts.

Profit with Almost No Risks

Brokers in the binary markets options can make profits with almost no risks involved. They are able to do this when traders actively trade on the platforms and also through setting a fixed percentage on the payouts. Usually when many clients are trading, at least half of them have the conviction that an asset will fluctuate while the other half will hold that the asset will gain i.e. 50%/50%. When there’s a trade trend that is strong, the trade may gravitate towards either direction. Normally, call and put buyers will have their numbers varied at about 60% and 40%, with the opposite being true. Thus, an almost equal number of puts and calls averaging at 50/50 will be seen in the long term. “Trader’s Choice” on Cedar Finance is a good sentiment indicator to illustrate this.

A slice of the proceeds therefore will be earned by the broker, as a result of active markets and traders who trade on either side.  To illustrate this further, consider a broker with 50 clients. Generally, they will place 25 puts and calls apiece. Traders who have won upon expiry of the option will keep their investments and on top of that, receive a 60% payout. 25 of these traders will definitely lose. If each of the 25 clients invested $100; 25x$100=$2500, this is what the broker earns from the losing traders. The broker will however have to pay the winning traders, thus 25x$60=$1500. So from the losing clients, the broker gets $2500 and pays $1500, earning a profit of $1000.

Is It More Complicated?

I have tried to illustrate in a simple way how the brokers earn from trading. However, traders in actual trading might not necessarily place similar amounts of money, and the calls and puts might also not be evenly placed at 50/50. Brokers therefore want more assets traded by more and avid traders. If the binary today brokers have more traders trading in assets that belong to different classes, they will earn more. There are numerous assets provided by the brokers and are all traded actively by clients. The broker is cushioned even when they have to pay more money to winners than losers especially when the winners are more. The other options that they provide on the assets within the platforms ensure that at the end of it all, they make more money than they have to pay out. The brokers possess a slight edge on the payouts. The difference in the percentage payout between the investments of clients who lose, roughly almost 100% and those who win, roughly at almost 80% is what the brokers receive, over a long period of time.

Is It Possible To Trade Against Clients?

It may be thought by some that brokers trade against the clients. This may be due to the fact that the trades are not placed on the exchange of the asset but rather with the binary today broker. There is no truth in this. The broker stands to earn more by performing the role of an intermediary between traders with different thoughts on the trades. The broker creates a common favorable ground for trade. With a larger number of traders, the broker makes more money, as opposed to taking any side that the clients fall in. Risking the brokerage by taking sides is also disastrous, especially when clients experience massive losses and the broker gets super normal profits. This will be a clear pointer to underhand machinations by the broker. Most brokers understand that the existing payout structure offers good returns as opposed to any manipulation. In any case, the brokers are always trading on both sides of their clients’ trade options, the put and call options. Even if they were to engage in such malpractices, they could not trade against both the call and put buyers at a go.

Some Other Ways To Earn

Binary today brokers can earn money through various other ways like:

  • Miscellaneous fees: Each broker will have their own miscellaneous fees on such issues as maintaining the account or charges on withdrawing.
  • Deposit Interest: The money that the broker receives as your investment may earn interest from a financial institution that the broker uses.


Brokers in the binary today market usually earn by having a slice of the difference on the percentage loss and wins from the trading clients. Other fees from the services rendered by individual brokers such as withdrawal fees, add to the earnings by brokers. It would be construed as market malpractice if possibly, the brokers take sides to trade against the clients. The role of binary markets options brokers is to provide the middle ground where traders can place stakes on different trades. The brokers will at the end, receive profits bearing almost no risks at all.

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